Delivering our Rainbow

Charles and I went to bed around 1:30AM on July 27th. I was 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant. We fell asleep fairly quickly as we were both exhausted. I suddenly awoke and I felt the familiar feeling of my water breaking. I reached over and shook Charles’ shoulder, “Honey, wake up. My water just broke.” He stirred a bit and said, “What?” I repeated myself and he questioned if I was sure. I told him to turn on the lights and lay towels down on the bed and the floor. I knew as soon as I stood up it was going to go everywhere. Sure enough, it did. Charles’ face was priceless. He said something about how the movies don’t exaggerate what that looks like. It was 4:30AM.

We had all of Oliver’s bags packed and ready to go but we didn’t have ours ready so we ran around grabbing things to head to the hospital. I was shocked, anxious and honestly had a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that my water had just broke on its own and we were going to the hospital. The drive felt like it took forever. I just prayed and tried concentrating on if I could feel him moving or not. 

We finally arrived at the hospital (after what felt like forever) and got roomed. I was having very minor contractions fairly far apart. They checked and I was 2cm dilated and 25% effaced. Since my water broke and I wasn’t really that far dilated and not having consistent contractions we started pitocin at 7:32AM to get labor going. I started having strong and consistent contractions but I wasn’t progressing much. I very slowly dilated to 4cm. During this time Oliver was having a variable heart rate. His heart rate was dropping with contractions. We had a hard time monitoring my contractions and his heart rate so we placed two internal devices to measure those things. When they placed the one to measure contractions, Oliver’s heart rate plummeted into the 70s. Normal is 120-160 and Oliver was in the 150s. A whole wave of people came running into our room. I suddenly had oxygen on my face and was being turned into all different positions trying to get his heart rate back up. I was so scared. I thought Oliver was going to die. I cried and prayed and finally they removed the device and his heart rate slowly came up a little bit. It was still low but a lot better than it was. Just thinking about it now I cry and cry. I just wanted him here. 

The doctors felt confident continuing the induction as long as we were monitoring his heart rate and contractions. This scared Charles and I very much. I was seriously considering an elective c-section because I just wanted him here. We were terrified as we continued. After several more hours I still was only dilated to a four. The contractions were strong and consistent but at this point I was getting exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. So I thought maybe if I get an epidural I could relax and my body would be able to progress labor more. I got the epidural and Charles and I got some rest. We had an amazing nurse; she took such great care of us. We were coming up on 24 hours after starting the pitocin. If I wasn’t going to progress anymore they wanted to do a c-section. They questioned if Oliver was so big that that is why I wasn’t progressing. I told them I thought he was going to be smaller than his sister. We didn’t know why it wasn’t progressing… It just wasn’t. 

At around 6AM on July 28th we were told we would be headed to the OR in an hour for a c-section as I had only progressed to 5cm dilated at this point. We were just so ready to hold our son, especially with all of the scares with his heart rate, that we very quickly accepted that was what had to happen. We just wanted him here safe and sound. Just before 7AM our nurse asked the doctor to check me one more time for dilation. Her face was total shock as she announced: “You’re complete. Let’s have you do some practice pushes with the nurse.” I went from 5cm to being completely dilated in less than an hour! We were so excited, this is the moment we have been waiting for. Oliver was still very high in my pelvis so they weren’t expecting him to come for awhile. I pushed three times during one contraction and our nurse was blown away, Oliver was coming down… and quick! The doctor came in to check and the nurse tells her “We’re going to impress you.” I did one more push and they told me to stop, he was coming right now! A whole slew of people rushed into our room. The nurse told me not to push as they had to get the room prepped quick. The next contraction started and I could feel him moving farther down. I called to the nurse and doctors, “He’s coming out! I’m not even pushing!” The doctor (literally within seconds) just got her gloves on and was able to grab his head which was already out and grabbed his body as he came flying into the world. She laid him on my chest and I cried and cried. Here is my child. My baby. I exclaimed how tiny he was as they whisked him away to the other side of the room to do some tests. Charles followed him. When they laid him on me he was moving but not crying… I thought maybe he needed suctioning or something before I would hear that scream but all he let out was a little squeak while they were doing his exam. As long as he was okay I didn’t care. I was just so thankful. So thankful he is here; so thankful he is alive. 

Oliver was born at 7:32AM, exactly 24 hours after we started pitocin, weighing 6lbs, 12oz and being 19 3/4 inches long. He is so incredibly handsome and we are elated he is here in our arms.


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