Taylored to You

About three months after Sophia’s birth I had someone telling me about one of her friends who also had a stillborn child. She knew she had an organization that did photo sessions of rainbow pregnancies. I had no idea when Charles and I would be needing that but I kept it tucked into my mind to investigate further when the time came for us to have our second child. 

I contacted Taylored to You a little while into our pregnancy with Oliver.  Savannah started TTY (Taylored to You) in honor of her son, Taylor, who was stillborn. She takes maternity pictures for families who are pregnant after loss. We set up a date, time and place to meet for our session. When the day came I was very nervous. One of the last things we did with Sophia was take pictures (the day before our induction). I have looked at those photographs one time and I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it again. The sheer innocence and bliss on mine and Charles’ faces is enough to throw me through an emotional whirl. Even thinking about them makes me cry. We were so happy… so unaware our world would be ripped to pieces the next morning.

Driving to take maternity pictures for Oliver I was anxious, excited and a whole bunch of emotions jumbled together. We arrived and met Taylor’s mom, Savannah. We talked and took many photographs. She has since shown us some ‘sneak peeks’ and we absolutely love them! She captured our family beautifully and with so much care and compassion. 

We absolutely love these photographs and we can’t wait to see the final images. They mean so much to us. Having a photographer who understood our emotions set us more at ease with the photo shoot in general. We cannot thank Taylored to You and Savannah enough for this wonderful opportunity and gift. 


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