“Just You Wait”

When Charles and I are around young children and they do something, well, something children would do (like eat dirt/throw it/etc.) the automatic response for that child’s parent(s) is to say “Oh, just you wait!” staring at my stomach, sometimes even pointing to our baby growing inside of my womb and laughing. Why? Even before we had Sophia people saying this to us would bother me. We have been waiting. We tried to conceive for fourteen months! If we weren’t ready for those things we wouldn’t have been trying.

Now, after losing our first, our little Sophia, it really bothers me when people say this to us about our rainbow, Oliver. I mean, really? “Just you wait“? We have been waiting for so long and just when we thought that wait was over it was again thrown at us with Sophia’s death. 

We’ve been waiting. 

We can’t wait for our children to throw a fit when we have to wipe their nose, rub mud on their new clothes, throw a tantrum over the littlest thing… we also can’t wait to hear “I love you”, to kiss our children goodnight, to watch them play in the backyard. Children are exactly that: children. They’re growing and learning. When we were trying to conceive and then pregnant, we knew what we were in for. We are so ready for every aspect of parenting a child on Earth. We have been for quite some time.

We know what we’re in for.

I pray every day for those moments to become our life. I have for a very long time. So, before you say “Just you wait” think twice. I know some people may not even realize the hurt that can be inflicted upon couples, but it can and it does hurt; a lot.

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