Walmart Talk

I was out with my mother in law and two nieces at Walmart when I ran into an old friend and her mother. We played summer softball together and her mother took pictures of us playing. Life was very simple back then… We instantly struck up conversation and one topic kept arising: my blog.

I stopped blogging because Charles and I made the decision to try and conceive again. We were shocked when I found out we were pregnant in the beginning of December! We were prepared that this would take us several months as that’s what it took with Sophia. So here I was, not knowing how to incorporate our pregnancy into this blog, which I set out writing about our daughter. My friend and her mother listened as I told them this and they truly gave me the strength to blog again.

Our story is ever changing as each day comes. Everyone’s is. I want to blog about our pregnancy and my grief, our joys and our sorrows. I simply want to blog about our lives. This blog is about our family: Charles, Sophia, baby BB and me. It is a battle everyday to get out of bed next to an empty crib. It is a battle going to a store and seeing a baby around Sophia’s age. It is a battle going to every OB appointment and being scared of hearing those words… the sad thing is, I know I’m not the only one feeling this way. I am not the only woman pregnant after loss and going through these emotions of joy, grief and anxiety. This is why I blog; I hope to give just one person that reassurance they aren’t alone. 

Thank you to my friend and her mother for not only talking to me but talking about Sophia and baby BB with me. I find that it seems hard for people to do that but you both did with such care. I truly love talking about my children. You two are simply amazing and I am so glad our paths crossed. 

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