Our Wedding 

Charles and I have been together for seven years in January. A lot of people told us we were crazy for waiting so long to get married. It didn’t bother us; Charles and I knew our time to be married would happen when it did. In our minds we were together and we were happy and everyone knew that!

Upon getting home from the hospital we had to pick out what cemetery and what plot specifically we wanted Sophia to be laid to rest. Because it was the fourth of July week we were left with limited options as the director of the cemetery was away on vacation and no one knew what plots were really available. The plot we did get is perfect. Charles and I also purchased our plots at the same time to ensure we are buried with our daughter.

When we bought them we had to write down where we wanted to be buried. It went Charles Branchaud, Ashley Hinz, Sophia Branchaud. It made me sad that I was different. Something so trivial as a last name… 

Charles and I got married on October 15, 2016. We had an absolutely gorgeous day. It was beautiful. Sophia surrounded us and we truly felt her presence. So now our family is finally all the same. The Branchaud’s: Charles, Ashley and Sophia. 

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