Signs from Sophia #2

On July 7, 2016, the day after Sophia was laid to rest, Charles and I drove out to the cemetery. When we got there we walked over to her, crying. We began talking to her and telling her how lost we felt, how much we missed her… She had her floral arrangement from her funeral on top of her grave. It had the ribbons that said daughter and granddaughter coming out of light purple roses and other flowers. As we were talking to her a beautiful dragonfly flew out of nowhere and landed directly on the end of her ribbon that says Daughter. Not next to it, but directly on the ribbon and directly after the R. 

It was an amazing and powerful moment. You could read Daughter and right on the end of the ribbon was this beautiful dragonfly. The dragonfly sat there for about ten seconds and then flew away towards the sky out of sight. Charles and I looked at each other and for a moment we smiled. We knew in our hearts that was Sophia telling us hello and that she is okay. She is in Heaven and she is with us. We held each other and wept. 

When our loved ones send us signs from Heaven we are filled with so many emotions. We are happy they showed us, mad and sad they’re gone, we are filled with hope and affirmation that they are and continue to be with us, just not physically. These signs mean so much to us, our angels know that.

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