Molly Bears

When Charles and I left the hospital we had no idea what resources were out in the world for parents like us. We stumbled around, lost and not knowing what to do or where to turn. I was looking online and I found the Molly Bears site.

Molly Bears makes weighted bears for grieving families. These bears weigh the exact weight of your child. I never knew anything like this was possible and it was very evident people were partaking in this to receive their bear for their loss (es). 

I immediately wanted one. This was around July 25th. Their order form opens once month on the 30th and they take 125 new orders at a specific time. On July 30th I got up early and was ready to order! Their site was having trouble and I was freaking out-I couldn’t add on another month of waiting! They fixed it and I got on to order… I got Sophia in! 

I started seeing more and more families talking about their Molly bears and taking family photos with them as a physical representation of their child. I got to thinking: how amazing would that be to have our Sophia bear here for our wedding! So I started a rally page and we raised the money to get our Sophia bear home in time for our wedding. We are so thankful to everyone who contributed to helping get our Sophia bear home. We love and appreciate you all! By raising this money we also helped to make nine more bears to fill other grieving families arms.

We couldn’t be more pleased with how she turned out. They took our ideas: light purple, dragonflies, butterflies and lady bugs and made our Sophia bear. She is perfect and holding her makes me long for Sophia but she also gives me that feeling of holding my daughter again which, as any angel parent can tell you, is what we long to do.

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