October 15th

My fiancé and I picked our wedding date in July of 2015. We both love the fall so we chose October 15, 2016. I loved the way the numbers sounded together (I’m a numbers and dates person) We found out we were pregnant with our first child on November 12, 2015. We were so excited to be having our first child, we had been trying for so long! We thought about our wedding and I as a mother (a very protective one) knew that I didn’t want to take away from her early months of life outside the womb to plan a wedding. I felt it wouldn’t be fair to her; I just wanted to focus on her. So we changed the wedding to October 7, 2017. We had our scheduled induction on June 29, 2016. When we arrived at the hospital, our world was shattered when we found out our daughter, Sophia, no longer had a heart beat… Sophia was born into Heaven on June 30th at 8:26pm weighing 8lbs, 1oz and being 21in long. She is absolutely beautiful.

When we were pregnant with Sophia, I always joked to Charles that we had been together for almost seven years and our child was a Branchaud before me?! How does that work? We would laugh; that’s just the way it is. We know we are soul mates and we know we’re together so what’s the rush… I couldn’t have been more proud to be carrying his child, our little baby; our Sophia Samantha Branchaud.

Our one year engagement anniversary was July 25, 2016. Charles looked at me and said “Will you marry me? Let’s get married on our original date!” I thought this was an amazing plan as one thing I was really missing was my fiancé and daughter’s last name. So we announced the news: Our wedding is back on for October 15, 2016! We didn’t know the significance of this date yet… 

I was looking at a support group calendar a week or so after announcing this. On the calendar for October 15th I seen ‘International Remembrance Day for Pregnancy and Infant Loss.’ I immediately got goosebumps and started crying; I ran to tell my fiancé. Out of all the days in a year… and we picked that one before we were even pregnant with Sophia. October 15th, so meaningful to us in more than one way now.

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