That Time Counts

When I first found out I was pregnant with Sophia I knew in my heart she was our little girl. I would refer to her as she and then feel bad in the case we were having a boy. We referred to her as Baby B before we knew her gender. Baby B for Baby Branchaud. We would do weekly updates on baby B on Facebook on how she was growing and what new things she could do that week. We were so proud to finally have our baby. We decided to find out our baby’s gender when we could. Our reasoning was why wait? This baby is here now and what’s the difference of finding out now or in how ever many months. This baby is a baby no matter how small. Their life is already here so let’s celebrate them! We found out we were having a girl and we named her immediately: Sophia Samantha Branchaud. We shared our ultrasound pictures and talked about her with everyone. Little did we know we wouldn’t be taking her home from the hospital with us… 

A week after laying our daughter to rest I was sitting outside thinking about Sophia and her brief but beautiful life with us. I was so happy Charles and I made the decisions to find out her gender, name her and talk about her while we were pregnant. Her life started long before she was born. Her life was beautiful and meaningful and it continues to be. Charles and I had no idea that Sophia would be called to Heaven so soon… we were just that excited to finally be parents and why wouldn’t we be? We had been wanting her for so long.

Now, I’m not shaming people who decided not to find out their baby’s gender or name them… All I am saying is that time counts. Your pregnancy with your children counts, every second, every day! Celebrate your child and love them wholeheartedly because they are a person and they deserve that love and recognition from the start. 

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