Memories that Never Happened

My entire pregnancy with Sophia I would imagine the future and all of the fun things we were going to do as a family. I seen us going to the zoo and watching the animals. I seen us going on walks at the Nature Center. I seen us going to the pumpkin patch in the fall and Sophia opening up her presents at Christmas. I seen her whole life play in my head, so vividly. I have these memories of Sophia that never really took place… they only did in my mind as I grew more and more excited awaiting her arrival.

Well, we will eventually go to the zoo and watch the animals, we’ll go on those walks, we’ll go to the pumpkin patch and we’ll have Christmas… we continue to make these memories except they’re different now. Our joy and excitement of having Sophia with us has been taken away from those memories. 

She is with us and around us; I feel her and she has shown me signs that she is. I truly believe that. She just isn’t here physically… and I am constantly aware of that. In every picture taken, every memory made she isn’t here. In all of these moments someone is missing. 

Sophia is a huge part of our lives and she always will be. She is our first child and daughter. We will continue in our lives to keep her spirit alive and shining bright for all to see. She is beyond beautiful and we will share her with the world.

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