I remember a couple years ago being on the internet and seeing a news article about Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. This is an organization that goes out and provides the gift of photography to families who have experienced the loss of their infant. I seen this picture of this mother holding her child in her arms. Her baby was stillborn. I remember thinking, ‘how awful would that be to have to do that… to come all that way only to bury your child…’ Being a Sophomore in high school the organization haunted me for some time but slowly left my mind.

Flash forward eight or nine years to June 29th, 2016, the day of our induction. That morning Charles and I received the worse news in the world, our daughter, Sophia, had no heart beat. A nurse came in to talk to Charles and I about some pamphlet information they had for us later on that day. One of them was for NILMDTS. When I seen the pamphlet my heart stopped (yet again for the thousandth time that day.) Why was I seeing this pamphlet? Why was this in my room? This has to be a nightmare… 

Charles and I agreed for NILMDTS to come and photograph Sophia. After she was born we had about two hours alone with her and immediate family before our photographer came. She was gentle and took several pictures of our daughter and us. 

In the coming weeks all I could do was look at her pictures that we took personally. I couldn’t wait to see our photos that NILMDTS took. When I seen the email that they were done I gasped and quickly opened it up. I started looking through the gallery and I cried and cried…

Each picture is flawless, the detail captured of Sophia is constantly looked at, every day. These pictures of our daughter mean so much to Charles, me and our family. We are eternally grateful for NILMDTS. An organization I wish didn’t have to walk into anyone’s room… but when families are hit with the biggest tragedy, there is no greater gift than to look at pictures and see your baby’s perfection every day.

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