World’s Best Dad

Sophia was born at 8:26pm on June 30th, 2016. She is the most gorgeous baby we have ever seen! Charles and I couldn’t be more proud to be Sophia’s parents. We truly outdid ourselves; she is pure perfection. 

At around 3am Charles pushed his cot over to my bed to make a big bed and we snuggled with Sophia. We fell asleep for a little bit snuggling her; it was absolutely perfect. I woke up around 5am and I just stared at Sophia’s face wanting to memorize every detail about her. She is so beautiful and perfect. I looked over at Charles who was sleeping. He was wearing his ‘World’s Best Dad’ shirt. I thought back to when we arrived at the hospital, before we knew, and they had to take his picture (per security protocol). The nurse, who was going to take his picture, commented on how she loved his shirt. He smiled so big; he was about to hold his little girl! He had been talking to her from the outside for months and now he was going to see her face to face. The joy in his eyes and smile made me so proud to be carrying his child.

As I looked at him and then back to my daughter I lost it. Charles is the greatest person I know. He is the best father; he continues to show that every day. His love for his daughter radiates everywhere he goes. Sophia is daddy’s little girl. He doesn’t deserve to lose her. No one deserves this. It is so utterly unfair… I ran my fingers through his hair and then kissed Sophia, held her close and closed my eyes. Charles is, and always will be, the ‘World’s Best Dad.’

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